Atlanta Old White Rugby has a tradition of excellence on and off the pitch.

Atlanta Rugby Facility

The Atlanta Old White Rugby Football Club is committed to demonstrating leadership and excellence on and off the field. With a recent D2 National Final Four appearance and numerous South Championships in both 15’s and 7’s (including D1 2009),

Atlanta Old White has consistently proven to be one of the top clubs in the United States.

Atlanta Old White is one of the few clubs in the South to field Division II and Division III teams. Both sides regularly compete for League championships and National Playoff berths. The Division III team exists as a competitive training side for new players and crossover athletes to learn the game. Owning world-class rugby facilities, the club has successfully been attracting local and international athletes from both North and South hemispheres and made they play together to win under its White & Black colors, inspiring “Old White”.

Therefore, Atlanta Rugby has become the club to beat, and to play for.

Fostering personal and community growth are main missions of the Atlanta Old White family. The club boasts a passionate Old Boys network fully committed to providing leadership and career guidance to players. The latter embrace their communities through scheduled outreach programs with Atlanta area schools and local organizations to develop Rugby and its values. The Atlanta Old White family firmly believes it is their responsibility to provide service and philanthropy to those in need. Whether you are a future player or enthusiastic supporter,

The club welcomes all to join the Family.

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